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Free English Education!

SOLS-BMF aims to help students speak English by focusing on 'how' to speak rather than 'what' to speak. Dedicated teachers will help improve speaking skills within a holistic education environment. Nominate your community today!

I want free English Education!


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DIY: 6 tips to run a successful community project!

You see a cause, you feel a calling, but where do you start? CDO Annie Bigalke runs through her check-list to start a community project from scratch! KNOW WHAT YOU NEED. Once you identify a project, make a list of things you will need. Flexible tip: Can you replace anything hard-to-get with something convenient? Don’t stall a project if you can think outside the

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Art Attack!

“It really made them feel good to have their pieces up on the wall and say, ‘Hey, look! That’s my work!’”. Kuala Lumpur Youth Development Centre experienced an injection of colour and creativity, as abstract artist Parames Velautham came to share her passion for art. She brought: expertise, energy and materials. She left: empowerment, accomplishment and a permanent splash of beauty across the clubhouse

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Tropical island life: it’s not so bad!

Ista Kyra Sharmugam Community Development Officer June 2014, Redang, Terengganu Tropical island life: it’s not so bad! “Being a ‘daughter’ meant I washed my own plates, ran errands occasionally and was obliged to come along on all the weekend family excursions to the beach, snorkelling, fishing or island hoping.  Not that I’m complaining.” CDO Ista Things have an uncanny way of falling into place.

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Featured Teachers


“Now I make sure that I learn new things every day to improve myself. “ Krishnaveni D/O Wairan Malaysia Sembrong Centre Volunteer I found out about the SOLS program from my aunt, who is also a student learning English through the SOLS program. Already holding a degree in Education and having gained some valuable experience teaching in high schools I am now able to apply

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“ I believe that the idea of help should be borderless.” Duha Elmardi Sudan Pengkalan Kubor, Kelantan Centre Community Development Officer Having a passion in humanitarian issues led me to major in NGO management at university. Since then I have been involved with numerous humanitarian initiatives both inside and outside Sudan. I came across SOLS 24/7 from a friend who was posting pictures and

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“At SOLS I developed both soft and hard skills that have been useful for me in gaining confidence.” Marcelina da Costa Martins (Lillia) Timor Leste Community Development Officer Having at first found out about SOLS through a friend I spent the first six months as a student, the next six months as a trainee, two years as a teacher and now one year as

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“I really want this program to provide more opportunities for people like me.” Nuelma Jastin (Elma) Empangan Woh (Perak) Centre Malasyia Trainee It has been a really good experience for me so far, I have improved a lot. I found out about SOLS24/7 through a SOLS24/7 teacher that promoted it. The SOLS24/7 motivation book really touched my heart and encouraged me to get an education.

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