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Free English Education!

SOLS-BMF aims to help students speak English by focusing on 'how' to speak rather than 'what' to speak. Dedicated teachers will help improve speaking skills within a holistic education environment. Nominate your community today!

I want free English Education!


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Blog: My first two weeks

Natasa Kurucki Community Development Officer April 2014, Mersing, Johor My first two weeks Before leaving Kuala Lumpur to my new center, I was a little bit nervous and excited as I ventured to an unknown place without knowing anyone. However, after just couple of days, I became used to the new environment, new people, new role, and my new students. Training in Kuala Lumpur

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Project 100 turns Green!

In the past decade expressions like ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘going green’ surround our daily lives through advertising, labelled products and slogans. Increasingly Malaysians are noticing the results of pollution on their environment and beginning to take action to live eco-friendly lifestyles. Noticing the effects of the Malaysian dry season, both Community Development Officer Annie from the US and her trainee Elma, have been living and

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Featured Teachers
vhenni final


A frequent volunteer throughout her life time, Vhenni joined Project 100 to turn this love into a day to day lifestyle.

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Liang final


An active participant within his community, Liang joined Project 100 to learn the SOLS system to return to Simpang and teach his friends and family English.

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Richard final


Encouraged by a fellow CDO to join, Richard has been a great asset to the team, opening one of our newest P100 centres in Kedah!

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Emily final


Travelling from the United States, Emily came to SOLS 24/7 to develop her interest and skills working for an international NGO.

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